Search Marketing
Search Marketing

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Extensive PPC Experience

Giant Concepts has successfully managed client Pay-Per-Click accounts with yearly budgets that range from $5000 to over $3,000,000+

Skilled Consultants

Giant Concepts marketing and strategy consultants have been certified by the search engines to provide Pay-Per-Click consulting services.

Acheive Results

A properly implemented campaign can greatly increase sales and lead generation with an ROI that rivals almost every other method of marketing.

Paid Search Management

For many companies, Pay-Per-Click marketing has become an important aspect of their overall online marketing strategies. PPC provides the opportunity to consistently drive targeted visitors from search engines to particular sites unlike any other Internet marketing methods.

In theory, as long as a company is willing to keep paying for traffic, then it should be relatively simple to utilize the management interfaces that each of the search engines offers with their service. In reality, the nuances associated with managing a profitable Pay-Per-Click program are considerably more complex.

Vast challenges originate from the fact there are so many different variables to be considered at all phases of a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. Engine selection is just one simple example. While Google may be the best source for an abundance of traffic, it’s quite possible that other engines may deliver quality visitors as well. Budgets need to be strategically managed and evaluated among search engines to deliver the best ROI.

Furthermore, a company that is willing to pay the most will not be assured of a top position in the Pay-Per-Click results. The paid search ranking algorithms have advanced to the point that factors other than a marketer’s willingness to pay enter into the equation and the results. Additional criteria include the click-thru rate of the ads and the quality of the landing page(s) that the traffic is being sent to.

Giant Concepts has been managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns for clients since the practice began in the late 1990’s. Our partnerships and levels of accreditation with the engines are among the highest in the industry.

Our Marketing Strategists and Campaign Managers are experts in Pay-Per-Click program management along with being Google AdWords Certified. They excel in their ability to understand clients’ objectives and create marketing strategies that achieve long-term profitability and sustainability.